the wiser the society, the safer the world

About me

Good Morning!
Welcome to my world! For several years I’ve been dealing with business as an entrepreneur, economist and finansist. Long time ago, my proffesor of microeconomy told me that to become a good economist, firstly you need to be a good phylosopher and secondly – a good mathematician. And he was right! After all my life experiences, I may add to that list – that you also need some creativity… Thus, with my blog I will take you to the world of unknown art of sustainable economy.
To live good – we all need some wisdom, sensitivity and responsibility for each other. All those items will be discussed here!

PS. Pelase thake into cosideration, that english is not my native language. Therefoere – forgive me any mistakes, incomprehensive expressions etc. And be patient! Sooner or later I shall make progress… 🙂